March Madness: With A Different Take!

The World Has Gone Mad


The Church Has Gone Mad

While the final game was last night, there were games throughout the month of March into April.  One could make the argument, but it is a fairly weak argument, that church youth groups planned nothing for the final game because it was a school night, and the game began at 9. I understand the rationale that may be proffered.

However, do we actually believe that many teens were not staying up to watch the game?  Yes, yes — having an event at the church or a home would have added another half hour or more to the event, parents would have had to pick up their kids, and . . . . and . . . . . 

No, I don’t buy into it all because there are ways to do something if we want to do it bad enough

  • How about three-four-five area venues? 
  • How about a zoom party with food delivered to homes via Doordash? 
  • How about a roving youth pastor(s)/ leaders who “makes it and takes it” to selected homes based on a drawing?
  • How about t-shirts for the winners of a contest?
  • How about a 6 pm shootout at the church 
    (sorry, just off-the-cuff ideas, literally!)

How about this past Saturday evening for the final four? 

How about any or every weekend playoff for the National Championship?

Friday, March 18
Saturday, March 19
Sunday, March 20 
Friday, March 25
Saturday, March 26
Sunday, March 27
Saturday, April 2 

All had games early enough to plan a youth group event around — “We will be up, watching the game.  Come on over to our house, or the church, and watch it with us.  Come when you can, and leaven when you must.  Does anyone need a ride?”

I would suggest that “March Madness” is not just about Basketball, but it is about ministry madness! 

Where are the ministries and local churches that are taking advantage of an opportunity to meet new people, strengthen relationships, and seize the opportunity to minister in wholesome ways? 

What has happened to

  • “that all means I might win some” 
  • approaching ministry like Paul at Mars Hill
  • living a missional life
  • “as you go into all the world”
  • commitment to evangelism
  • selflessness with our time and resources
  • seizing the opportunities, for the days are evil
  • working hard in ministry (Proverbs — the sluggard)
  • et al.

Something has changed when it comes to ministries, local church leadership expectations, and youth group pastors!  I remember the days when we have 100-150 kids during March Madness, packed out the youth building, gave away sneakers, replica jerseys, and gifts.  Church referees officiated basketball games before the playoff game, and then came to watch, and more!

This is certain — Most teens are going somewhere during these events, during Spring break, Thanksgiving break, over Christmas, on Friday- Saturday evenings, and/or on many a summer day.  If it is not something planned and promoted by the church, it will be that which I planned and promoted by the world!

The world is not as mad as the local church!  If you doubt that, listen to the Lord’s parable!

“And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: 
for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.

The children of the light, those who can see with greater clarity and vision lack the heart and drive to seize the opportunity the world will grab every time! 

And then we talk about where the world is headed, how the world has gone mad!  

No, where is the church’s trajectory!

The lack of vision, creativity, passion, and selflessness in ministry is

  • Madness Vectors by Vecteezy







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