There Is An Ideology Behind The Scenes That Feeds This Kind Of Thinking!

A Shocking Disclosure Of What Passes For Biblical Counseling! [1]


The article, the supportive materials, and the video of Dr. Street’s teachings
will leave you aghast!

What is often left unaddressed is what fuels this type of so-called “biblical” counseling mentality!

As you read and listen, you can only ask — How does this go unchallenged?

It is unchallenged and allowed to survive because of a shared ideological-theological mentality.  Those who live in the same camp actually listen and nob approvingly!

Instead of saying . . .

  • “Are you really serious?
  • “You truly believe that what you are saying is biblical?”
  • “Where in the world do you see that approach in the Scriptures?”

. . . . it goes unchallenged — until it is seen in its actual outworking in real-life (i.e. Eileen Gray [1]).

It is no surprise that men like John MacArthur, allow such positions to be held and taught at GCC,  Master’s Seminary, and their graduate counseling program.  There is a theological ideology that props up such thinking!

At least two tenets of that theological ideology involve the . . .

#1) Margalizing Human Instrumentality: God’s ends include the means.  We are called on to pray for those who are without Christ, live a godly life before them, and speak the Gospel.  All those are part of God’s means for seeing one come to Christ by the work of the Holy Spirit.  God has not only ordained the end, but He has ordained the means.

The Devil tempted Jesus to jump off the Temple pinnacle, and trust God that the angels would uphold Him.

the pinnacle of the temple . . .
And he brought him to Jerusalem, and set him on a pinnacle of the temple,
and said unto him, If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down from hence:
For it is written, He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee:
And in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.
And Jesus answering said unto him, It is said, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.

Luke 4:9-12

The simple answer was that the Lord God would take care of His Son and one of the ways that the Father does that is by not jumping!  The means is common sense, don’t force the Lord to use the supernatural when He has already ordained the natural as the ordinary means and method of operation!

Likewise, there is a way that the Lord uses to protect a wife or a husband from abuse, danger, or even the possibility of bodily injury or death — “run” “flee” “hide” et al.

That is what David did as he dealt with King Saul.  There was a period of time that he sought to act wisely and during which he was also willing to determine, with the help of Jonathan, if his relationship with King Saul could be salvaged, but in the end, he ran and hid!

#2) Twisting God’s Sovereignty: The previous point is connected to this. God’s sovereignty does not preclude human instrumentality.  The Lord’s sovereignty is not meant to encourage purposeful endangerment.  The Lord is sovereign, but I am still going to the doctor, getting immunized against tetanus, and leaving a foreign country when the circumstances dictate danger for my wife, children, and even myself as it becomes necessary and clear!

God is sovereign, but that is no reason to be stupid!


What is the theological ideology behind such teaching and preaching?  At best, a twisting of Calvinism, at worse, the donning of Calvinistic glasses that can no longer discern biblical sanity from incredulous nonsense! [2]

Hundreds of pastors and counselors listened to Dr. Street, without any significant challenge to such an approach!  How anyone can read and listen to what Dr. John Street proposes and argues, without questioning the thinking that underlies such thinking, is beyond belief!



2. One source of such a baffling counseling perspective is John Piper who has been preaching and teaching this same approach for decades!

At least that was his position until his son was remarried after his divorce.

Like I said . . . “until it is seen in its actual outworking in real-life,” until it is on our doorstep and we are forced to examine what we actually taught as biblical!

I rather doubt that John Piper believed/believes, — at least until then — that God was glorified by the divorce and remarriage of his son, and his presence and support at the ceremony.

I do not disagree that any father should be there, as was John Piper, for his son’s remarriage, if there is going to be any kind of helpful relationship between his son and new daughter-in-law!

The point is that John Piper’s viewpoints on marriage and divorce, on the rightfulness of remaining in marriage while suffering emotionally, spiritually, and physically, and his years of encouraging people to stay and not separate or divorce is seriously in error, biblically absent, and impractical dangerous.

His position changed from that held in 1989 and up till 2014.

Barnabas and Lauren were married on July 24, 2020,

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