Many Are Coming To Realize How True This Is!

I think I heard this same assessment somewhere else. . . . recently!

Gavin Adams:

“A Disruption in the Making

This problem isn’t pandemically induced, either. This disruption has been building for years and years. Church problems are societal and generational, not viral. In 2016, 17, 18, and 19, most churches felt the results of the growing disruption. Still, they made no significant ministry model changes because, for the most part, they were paying their bills. I hate that this is true, but churches tend to resist change until the money is gone. And by then, it’s usually too late.

Financially, many churches thrived during the pandemic, hence the lack of ministry model change progress. Sure, everyone broadcasted or posted something online for a few months, but the dedication to new models and strategies was halfhearted. Most churches simply got by until people could come back. Why? Because they could pay their bills.

You’ve no doubt noticed one more thing: Plenty of your church people aren’t coming back. “

√ The problem is RELATIONAL!  God’s people are not appreciated, respected, cared for, and/or valued!

√ And where and when that most often occurs, it is theologically-ideologically driven.

√ There is a theological ideology that drives that dismissive spirit within the church.

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