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Dr. Martens received his undergraduate degree from Cedarville College. He earned his Master’s degree from Bowling Green State University in Rhetoric and Public Address, his M.Div. from Grace Theological Seminary, and his Ph.D. from Ohio University in speech communication.

After teaching in various Christian colleges for over ten years, Ted assumed the pastorate of Faith Baptist Church in Trenton, New Jersey, and retired after 36 years in that ministry.



B.A. Cedarville College – Speech
M.A. Bowling Green State Univ – Communication
M. Div. Grace Theological Seminary
Ph. D. Ohio University – Rhetoric & Public Address




Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio
Grace College, Winona Lake, Indiana
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
Pillsbury Baptist Bible College, Owatonna, MN
Tennessee Temple University, Chattanooga, TN
Baptist Bible College, Clarks Summit, PA
Practical Bible Training Institute, Binghamton, NY
D. Min. Adviser – Dallas Theological Seminary

Pastor @ Faith Baptist Church, Trenton, NJ – 1979 – 2016 – Living in Tampa, Fl


This Blog Site:

This blog site is a spinoff of “Rhetoric And Homiletics.org.Rhetoric And Homiletics is designed to address the intersection of Classical Rhetorical Theory. “Think, Not Agree” is designed to address a wide variety of ministry and local church concerns.

Over years of ministry, I have repeated this comment . . .

“As Christians, as believers, we do not have to agree on this-or-that, but we do need to THINK. We need to know what and why. We need to know and show that we have thought it out.”

For example, if someone asks us why we do not believe in the use of alcoholic beverages as believers, we need to have thought through it and be able to make the case, or at least be able to present our reasoning, our case.

We need help THINKING, even while disagreeing. We need to be certain that we know what to do and why we are going to do it! We need to be able to explain to any and all, who, while they may disagree, are still able to say and conclude – “He or she gave it full and fair consideration from a good number of directions.”


A Personal Story:

During the early days of church ministry, I remember that a young couple came to talk to me about being married. Early on into the conversation, I came to realize that neither one of them knew the Lord as their Saviour.


I talked to them about their need of Jesus, personally and as potential newlyweds. They listened intently, and as the conversation progressed, they revealed a real openness to the Gospel message. “Would you like to call upon Jesus as your Saviour today? – Yes, we would.” And they did, excitedly. You could see that something had happened in their hearts.

After some other encouragement, I proceeded to ask about and map out the arrangements for their wedding day. We closed the session in prayer. Shook hands – and they walked through the office door on their way out.


He leaned back in to make a comment – “Hold it, Pastor – I did not tell you that we both have been divorced.”




Up to that time, I had held the position that those who were divorced could not be biblically remarried.


We sat down again, and I explained my reluctance to marry them.


They walked out – I never saw them again.


Sad – Yes – !

Very SAD

I ache to this day about it.

I remember saying to myself – “Ted, you had better be right about your position because if you are wrong, you will have injured and damaged some of God’s people — using the Scriptures. 

We Are Dealing With People’s Lives!


That experience caused me to think and re-think whether my position was biblical or not. [3] Were we really right and biblical in how we handled people like this young couple?


Looking back 40 years, I believe “we” were the losers that day —  (but maybe “we” is really “we”) 


We don’t have to agree, but we do need to think!

/////We Are Dealing With People’s Lives!