Why Do People Leave The Church?

That was the title of the article sent to me by a church member who has left the church, along with many of his longtime friends and members who had been there for years!

Among the many interesting things said, the writer states . . . .

Two Groups of People Who Leave the Chuch

It is important to know that there are many people who become church dropouts. People in that category are those who go to church out of habit because their parents forced them to go when they were younger. Therefore, they keep up that habit out of obligation. They attend church, but they never become committed. They don’t connect with people in the church or get involved with any ministry.

It is much easier for those people to leave because they haven’t really been invested in the church, and the church really hasn’t invested in them.

However, there is another group of people who leave the church. That group includes faithful members who have had active roles in the church and have done considerable work within the church. They have invested in the church, and at one time the church invested in them. When the church ceases to live up to its mission of providing care for all, these people become discouraged. Even though some of those people were faithfful members in leadership positions, they saw no other way except to leave the church.

Members Not Given Needed Support

Sometimes people don’t get the support they need from the church when they go through a personal tragedy or traumatic event. When those people don’t get the support they need from the church, they decide to discontinue their support to the church.

√ People are left out and forgotten on the job or in the community. Church should be different. [1]

√ When the needs of a person are not met, he believes the church isn’t doing its job. People go to church to be helped; not to be hurt.

√ The whole church is in trouble when one or a few people make all the decisions without considering opinions from others.

√ God is no respecter of people, but everybody in the church is not treated the same.

1. My Pharmacist Call Me Yesterday

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