The #1 Indicator Of The Lord’s Soon Return May Be . . .

While many might point to a variety of signs for the soon return of the Lord, I might select one that many might pass over! 

After reading and listening to the articles, pastoral announcements, tweets, and church posts about what is about to happen in just a few days, I have come to the position that the #1 indicator of the soon return of our Lord is not wars, violence, lawlessness, drought, famine, pestilence, or even the dramatic cultural shift in society. 

Dr. David Jemiah highlighted five signs and never mentioned this one!  It is easy to miss because we are not marked by self-awareness!  We are much better at talking about the lost world around us! 

The #1 sign may not be anything we see taking place in the physical, socio-political, or secular world.  It may be far more in line with what the Lord Himself states at the end of his “parable of the unjust judge” . . . . 

Nevertheless, when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?

The #1 sign may be found in and around the actions and practices of the local church!

The #1 sign may be seen in the lack of commitment and conviction of local church pastors who are willing to set aside the established regular services on the Lord’s Day because Christmas falls on a Sunday!  When the shepherds propose and/or agree to such a decision, and then offer some kind of explanatory justification for such a move, the church has lost its compass!  The lack of authenticity continues to be apparent to the world — We are really no different than them!  It’s about us! [1]

Pastors/church leaders teach God’s people to use “explanatory justifications” to cover the lack of commitment and love.  A longer Sunday morning worship service, a Friday & Saturday night Christmas drama, or a Christmas Eve candlelight service are used as an allowable replacement — as if you can’t do both, and as if you should not make the priority preserving the regular worship services on the Lord’s Day — to make it clear that the Lord alone is worthy — on His day, celebrating His incarnation!

The Gospel Coalition has even provided cover for the many churches that TALK ABOUT glorifying the Lord supremely.  The article even uses Scripture to justify such a decision (Romans 14).   

The passage is used to deflect criticism away from a pastor’s (or leadership’s) decision to cancel worship on the Lord’s Day.  The passage is about individual weaker fellow believers. The passage is not about local church services on the Lord’s Day.  It is about eating certain meats, observing holy days, and believing that every day is a day to honor the Lord.  It even includes the words “judge,” which suggests that any criticism is verboten!  How advantageous.

Some Christians may want to mark this passage for future use!  It may prove useful for excusing attendance on Sunday evenings, midweek services, Sunday school, small groups, or other special services.  It may even be useful for Superbowl Sunday!

Can you imagine an O.T. saint, a N.T. believer, or any of the apostles using these words to support the belief that the Sabbath or the Lord’s Day is not a day set aside for Christian worship?  Paul never intended for this passage to be used to justify canceling the regular and weekly worship and teaching services because the leadership/pastors/or people want to make it a time for themselves!

Maybe the #1 sign of the Lord’s return is what is happening in and among the leadership (or lack thereof) of the church when “shepherds” begin talking and acting like sheep! [3]

Nevertheless, when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?

1. There would be a good number of churches that have no evening service, or even midweek services, as part of their regular practice.  They are not changing their regular services.  They have not made a purposeful decision to cancel anything to accommodate or conform to the patterns of this world.

Now Santa and the church is a different story — but for another time!

2. It is astonishing how some pastors can decry what is happening in our culture and then cancel any service on Christmas day because it falls on a Sunday!  They are part of the problem, surely not part of the solution!

As someone remarked — There is no room in the inn for Jesus Sunday evening — on this December 25, 2022!

3. From the “TGC” article — “the pastors at our church ultimately decided to refuse his plea.” — a shameless article!

2 thoughts on “The #1 Indicator Of The Lord’s Soon Return May Be . . .

  1. No one even surprised here in MS where many closed for Covid but somehow were able to open their hands to receive Covid relief funds

    Tax free churches receiving tax money for free

    The church is truly undone


  2. I agree! The church is probably the #1 sign. The way established churches are turning from Biblical principles is astonishing. Itching ears, unsound doctrine, denying the power – these are all forerunners if His return


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