Matt Chandler — It’s Over!

A new horrific chapter was written yesterday.

What I see as a systemic problem within today’s New Calvinist/Calvinist/Reformed movement, [1] of which Chandler is/was a significant part, was again affirmed.

Yesterday’s latest chapter only further reveals the nature of this ideological-theological movement!  The mission is to promote Neo-Calvinism, even if it means overlooking the sins of their most prominent leaders. 

Listen to . . . .

  • The applause when Chandler stepped onto the stage.
  • The suggestion by Chandler was that his indiscretions were due to the removal of his right frontal lobe. [2]
  • The playing of a Christmas hymn that began mid-lyric, “Come let us adore him,” upon his leaving the stage.
  • The lack of any words of meaningful contrition or repentance by Chander — “my foolishness.” [3]
  • The deafening silence of so many key religious leaders within the movement, as well as those around, connected to, or part of Acts 29.

. . . . and you will understand more about this present-day movement. 

Nevertheless, let me say (as with Ravi) the reality is . . . .

It’s over! 

Matt Chandler has lost his pastoral and ministry platform! 

As RZIM tried to hold on, Chandler may seek such a strategy, but no one in the day-to-day world cares to take him seriously any longer!  Only those committed to his theological-ideology will continue to applaud him on stage, play such hymns that were meant for only our Saviour, and/or accept what he did as mere foolishness!


1 – Let me also note that another key leader of this movement is John Piper.
Like I said . . . .  John Piper, who will be preaching in more churches this coming Sunday than any contemporary religious leader, through the voice of many local church pastors, does not believe in “eternal security.”  The work of Christ, his righteousness and perseverance, were not sufficient and/or were not applied to our account.

2 – Apparently, there is an unknown causal relationship between such a medical operation and moral indiscretion that has yet to be fully identified as resident among others who have experienced the same operation.

3 – The continued lack of transparency as to what actually led the church leaders to discipline Chandler remains firmly in place.  


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