UFOs & The Church Ministry

Let me begin by saying that I do not believe that UFOs have been seen by those in the know.  I am not sure what some are seeing or if UFOs exist, but I remain unconvinced.  Why do I say that — Simply, where are the pictures!

Every picture I have seen is a grainy, blurred, out of focus, or spot on a cloudy background — kind of like Big Foot & Loch Ness.  Doesn’t anyone have a good camera — on their phone!

Technically we can see a license plate from a satellite, and Google Earth can see your car in the driveway. Still, we can get a clear photo of a legitimate UFO!  Are you telling me we do not have the aerial technology to take a picture of the unidentified flying object?  Present-day drones produce better pictures than I have ever seen presented!


Whatever —– Whether or not you are convinced that those in the know have ever actually seen one, I fear that some in ministry and local churches will take up the cause and seriously invest sermonic time into the subject.

If the political injection wasn’t enough, hold on to your hats for a new line of biblical interpretation, exegesis, pulpit examination, and/or theological speculation — “Didn’t you know that the Scriptures have spoken about this long before the world has brought it to the forefront of investigation?”

I remember Dr. John Whitcomb saying in seminary class, “The church grabs onto every new fad that comes along and finds itself a widow 10 years later.”

Do you remember . . . . .

  • Coffee House Ministries
  • The Missional Church
  • Body Life
  • Seeker Sensitive ministries
  • The church growth movement
  • Evangelism explosion
  • The purpose driven church
  • Small groups
  • The Moral Majority
  • Worship Teams
  • WWJD bracelets
  • The Prayer of Jabez
  • This Present Darkness (by Frank E. Peretti)
  • Friendship Evangelism
  • Praise Music (via the charismatic movement – Hillsong)
  • SGM
  • 40 Days of Purpose
  • Care Groups (for deacons)
  • New Calvinism
  • CCM
  • Standing when reading the Scriptures
  • “Good Morning Church”

I’m sure I stepped on someone’s feet — but these and others had or will have had no longevity!

The problem with fads is that a small element of truth, engulfed by an incredible sales structure, sold by “one” person who features its success, that makes it attractive! Add the writing and selling of a book on it, and it goes viral! [1]

Now get ready for another fad, promoted by our governmental leaders and media, that will occupy meaningful time in ministries and the local church — UFOs.

It is a distraction for those in ministry!

“Let the dead bury the dead!”
Think about that for a moment!
Matthew 8:22, Luke 9:60

There are some ministries and pastors who love the novel, the unusual.  Some who quickly gravitate toward and/or talk hold of whatever fad has come down the pike — political, theological, ideological, or evangelistic!  They read a book, hear a speaker, see someone succeed, and they are off to the races to implement it!

There has been, and continues to be, a lot of damage done as the church gets off-message and caught up in the latest fad!  Not to mention that some will spend more time talking about UFOs than sharing the Gospel as they go into all the world.

The Church Simply Needs To Be The Church . . . . Doing what they have been called to do as they stay in their lane!



1. If you read the same books, you think the same thoughts!


During my years of church ministry, I have had the opportunity to specifically and directly share the Gospel — the forgiveness of sins through the person and work of Christ.  I remember speaking to several adult members of one family whose son was a church member.  Over a period of weeks, I had the opportunity to personally talk to each of them (a dad, and two sisters) over dinner — at Brother’s Pizza.  Brother’s Pizza was a well-known restaurant in the Trenton, NJ area.  In every case, I shared the Gospel and asked them if they would like to accept Christ right now and call upon Him as their Saviour.  They said yes! And bowed their head and prayed to the Lord.  Dad died several years later and still professed Christ as his Saviour as I talked to him in the hospital!  His two living sisters, to this day, are still following Christ.

That son and brother still remember those restaurant meetings!  We call it “Pizza Evangelism.”  There must be something about sharing the Gospel in a pizza restaurant!

Some ministry damage is done by promoting the idea that what may have worked in a particular setting or situation will be effective in another, other, any, and/or all situations.

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