A LOT Has Changed In Today’s Church Life!

One of our younger extended family members visited over the holidays.  He holds an administrative position at one of the major Christian colleges. As we talked, I began identifying some of the changes in my generation.

A day later, and upon further thought,  I am taken back by the number of changes.

What has changed in the past number of years . . . .

  • church names,
  • an acceptance of a wide variety of prophetic views,
  • pastoral dress,
  • church music,
  • fewer issues of personal separation,
  • greater political involvement,
  • the decreased number of church services,
  • a move to more nationals as missionaries,
  • more pastors coming into ministry later and from a non-biblical educational beginning,
  • basic and shorter doctrinal statements,
  • more mega-churches,
  • a move away from “Sunday School” to small groups
  • fewer individuals who can lead congregational singing,
  • more “elder-lead” church polities,
  • churches that are more Calvinistic & New Calvinism,
  • a wider acceptance and use of different translations,
  • shorter sermons,
  • “church models” replacing denominations,
  • “movies” used as and in illustrations,
  • fewer all church choirs,
  • non-church wedding locations,
  • less use of organ and/or piano as the primary musical support,
  • diminished attention to the Old Testament,
  • more acceptance of the writings of past neo-orthodox / liberal “theologians,”
  • less commitment to the creation account — a “young earth,”
  • a greater “ecumenical.” attitude,
  • the use of video and video clips,
  • a greater acceptance of alcohol and dance,
  • only one service on Sunday,
  • carrying an actual Bible to church,
  • a political blurring of lines with Christian truths & principles
  • projected songs with no musical scores / no hymn books,
  • etc.

“Good-Bad-Or-Inbetween,” — these changes are part of today’s Christian landscape.

Some are surely good, but I would suggest that most have been to the church’s detriment. They have not strengthened a ministry or local church, but weakened its effectiveness, outreach, and/or growth.

The question still remains to be answered . . . .

“Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?”

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