Something Is Terribly Broken When Pastors Begin Cautioning 

It is absolutely amazing to me, that pastors are cautioning God’s people about empathy!  Since “empathy” is a far more demanding behavior than compassion, care, concern, sympathy, beneficence, sensitivity, et al., those lesser behaviors are also thrown into question.

What has “the church” evolved devolved into that we,
of all people, can talk about the hazards of ministry care and concern!

Is that really the problem of ministries and local churches? — showing too much empathy! [1]

It has been the lack of care, compassion, concern, sympathy, beneficence, sensitivity, and empathy that has too often damaged relationships in the ministries and local churches, no less marked this COVID and political year.

If you are unfamiliar with this discussion, check out Daniel Kleven’s posts.  Daniel has recently resigned his position with BC&S (Bethlehem Baptist College & Seminary, all associated with John Piper notoriety), as well as four other pastors of Bethlehem Baptist Church in the past four months.


Something Is Terribly Broken When Pastors Begin Cautioning God’s People About
Justifying Their Failing To Personally Exhibit Empathy!

Romans 12:15
“weep with them that weep.”

#Daniel Kleven

1. I would suggest that you ask those who were marginalized, no less discriminated against for decades, and even today by pastors and local churches, whether there is any substantive reason for caution!

See the following

This is how twisted it gets!  Rigney has to redefine empathy to some twisted definition, a definition that would appear nowhere.  Why? — to explain an absurd position.

Others respond and reveal they understand this disingenuous game Rigney is playing.

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