It Is Easily Detected!

In a bizarre event at a professional golf championship, an interesting and perceptive evaluation was made!

What: “what will likely stick in McIlroy’s mind is what occurred as he stood on the 10th tee (his first of the day) alongside caddie Harry Diamond and playing partner Jon Rahm. As the trio chatted, a man appeared out of the gallery, grabbed the headcover off McIlroy’s driver, and took one of his irons out of the bag. He then proceeded to make a couple of practice swings. All of which provoked a classic double-take from McIlroy and bemused looks from all concerned before a pair of security guards moved in to remove the intruder.”
— Golf Digest, July 9, 2021 —

Who: Rory McIlroy

Where/When: The second day of the 2021 Scottish Open at The Renaissance Club

. . . . .

The article goes on to say . . . .

“The players laughed it off,
they knew he wasn’t a golfer when they saw his grip.”

. . . . 

You can tell when someone isn’t what they claim to be! 

√ There are tell-tale signs that give away that one is not what one claims to be.
√ There are visible indicators that what is said cannot be true.
√ There are markers that disclose that it is not what it states.
√ There are detectors that reveal something is not what the label says.
√ There are reagents that publish what something actually is.

. . . . . 

Interestingly, COVID-19 has been one of those reagents, signs, indicators, markers, detectors for many a ministry and/or local church ministry.

“The members and friends laughed it off,
saying they knew he wasn’t a shepherd
when they saw how he used his shepherd’s crook
with the sheep and with those who had wandered.” [1]

. . . . .

P. S. This post was motivated by yet another call this week — from my small local storefront pharmacist
—  Oh, did I tell you my pharmacist called us again THIS WEEK!

Other Information & Links:

  1. Note: In many situations, it is not that someone from the church has not called, though some have not heard from anyone on the church staff.  Yet, Praise the Lord, some members and friends cared and called because it really is about genuinely caring!

Far too often, the lead or senior pastor has not shown any personal interest in “calling” each and every member and friend of the local church ministry!  The lead or senior pastor passed off that responsibility to other pastors on staff or the “deacons.”  They excused themselves out by such a delegation with some explanation as to why they could not.  They failed to realize that the deacons and/or other church leaders cannot do what he should be doing, and what he alone could accomplish as the shepherd of the flock.  The lack of care, compassion, love and genuine concern stand in deep contrast to the claims that one is a shepherd and the local church is a “family.”

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