One Of The Most Important Father Factors

Mother’s & Father’s Day are unusual days in American life — Those days always fall on a Sunday. No surprise, they are celebrated and promoted by the church.  Therefore, a good number of moms and dads, as well as grown children, find themselves attending church beyond “Christmas-Easter.”

It is a Gospel mistake not to take advantage of these two days as a local church.  Don’t miss it!

I well understand the demand that comes with preparing an engaging message about mothers and fathers after years of preaching on these two special days for decades.

Today, I think I would focus on the word — “Consistency.”

As a father, one of your greatest influencers is “consistency” because . . . .

#1 — What is most remembered by our children (and by you) is what took place over and over in our family life.

#2 — As children, we are quietly persuaded when what we hear and see is practiced over and over — is practiced consistently.

#3 — “Fairness” is unargued when all the children are raised by the same standards.

#4 — Children are watching their dads and easily see breaks in their consistency.

#5 — Authenticity and consistency travel together.

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