This Is Class !

As an academic reader of “Vital Speeches,” I was again reminded of how words matter and how words can change the atmosphere — even a highly politically charged atmosphere!
“I want to begin my words by saying, on my own behalf, and in the name of the members of the designated government, in the name of this House, and in the name of all the citizens of Israel—thank you. Thank you to the outgoing Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, for your many years of service, replete with achievements, for the sake of the State of Israel. As Prime Minister you acted throughout many years to embolden Israel’s political, security, and economic strength. I saw you from up-close, in extensive security deliberations, late into the night, investigating, making inquiries and considerations out of a sense of grave responsibility.
Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu, over the years, we have not always agreed, but we have both sacrificed much on a personal level in order to serve our people, the people of Israel. Expressing gratitude is a fundamental principle in Judaism. This is the time for the people to say to you, thank you.”
— spoken by the newly elected Prime Minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett [3]
. . . . .
Sadly, I was also reminded of how men like Naftali Bennett “get it” far better than those that Jesus calls — “the children of light! — Luke 16:8. [2]
Too often, those who served in ministries and local churches — for years and for decades — are not seen through the eyes of Prime Minister Bennett!  Too often, leaders of a para-church ministry or in the local church [1] actually believe it’s about them!  
I am so shopworn with those in ministry and local churches who talk and/or write about how hard it is in ministry and prime people for a sympathetic retort.  They speak about how hard they work and how stressful the ministry is with little realization of what “the real work world” is like!  No, working in a ministry is not the real world of work!  Try it — and try it for years!
√ It is high time for ministry and church leaders to show some class and to say “Thank You” to those in the pew who make ministry possible, and who gave (and give) of their time, talent, and treasure long before we as pastors showed up on the scene.
√ It is time to show some class and say “Thank You” in word AND in deed, to those lay workers who have financially supported a ministry through all the twists and turns of needs and growth! 
√ It is time to show some class and say “Thank You” and appreciate the financial consistency and sacrificial giving of those who made it possible for us to easily minister without the demands of a secular work-a-day world.
√ It is time to show some class and say “Thank You” to those who worked every day in the secular world and then gave large chunks of additional hours in a ministry or local church.
√ It is time to show some class and appreciate the multitude of laymen and women who gave to make it all happen — week after week, and many and even most — make it all happen decade after decade!
√ It is time to show some class and defend them, and recognize a great multitude of people who are just GOOD PEOPLE who want to make a difference in ministry and through their local church!
√ It is time to show some class and talk about the reality — That there is JOY in serving Jesus ALONGSIDE of a host of great people who give and give — as much, and at times more than the leadership — to make it all happen!


2. When I read an article or a speech like this, I think more about the spiritual counter-part.  Tony Evans promoted and highlights the value of doing that in his own ministry.

“H.B. Charles, Jr.: You’re also known for very powerful illustrations — are — what is that — and at this point. The first book I’m checking — if I need an illustration or something — is your book of illustrations are is that.

Dr. Tony Evans: It is that heavy crafting? Are you — over the years — on your feet . . . . illustrating — What is your philosophy of sermon illustration?

Well it’s you use a great word, and that was the word “philosophy” because I assume something – OK – and the assumption is everything is an illustration.

And because I operate with that assumption — it’s kind of hard — sometimes I do it’s when I’m with preachers — I tell them — point to point out something in the room, and they’ll just point out anything — and I’ll immediately turn into an illustration.

And maybe some of that is personality, but it’s also philosophy

because I assume that everything created has been created by God or is in opposition to God and therefore has a spiritual, theological frameworkit can illustrate something in the spiritual realm

and because I’ve operated that way I see illustrations all the time

so I have some planned, and some come on the spot

and some events happen while I’m a while I’m preaching — something happens then it becomes an illustration at the moment — but the practice of that turns it into a mental orientation that that flows out because the more you do it — the better you get at it.



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