The #1 Way To Damage Your Credibility.

Dave Ramsey’s ministry is the next domino to fall — not because of the 15 million dollar sale of his home or their stated standards of conduct, leading to the dismissal of an employee for immoral behavior, but because of the loss of his personal credibility!

That loss of credibility comes from inconsistency!  At times, there are difficult calls in ministry or business, and even in family and living out the Christian life.  However, there are also known and/or willful inconsistencies between what one says and what one does.

Leadership inconsistencies have been accentuated even more in 2020 by the “for thee, not me” approach of national leaders and ministries and local churches have not been exempt from the same charge of inconsistency — “It’s unaddressed when it is Mr. or Mrs. X, but when it comes to Mr. or Mrs. Y, then action is taken!”  It depends on who you are, not on principle!

One of the reasons that “reputation” is so vital to ministry and the local church is that “listening” leans on believing that a person is a principle.  Why preach and teach Gospel truths if those listening are saying to themselves — “Sure, tell me about that pastor, while you allow . . . . .”

Claiming to be a person of principle is quickly undermined when people are treated in clear and known disparate ways. Merely because there are people arrayed in the pews does not mean that they put significant stock in what “a man of the cloth” claims to be what the Scriptures teach.  I often use the words “effective” and “ineffective” because it speaks to the very reason a person even assumes a position of leadership.  Those two words speak to the very purpose of preaching and teaching — to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the hearers — or not!

  • When it takes a civil suit, which is about to uncover the wilful inconsistency . . . [1]
  • When it takes subpoenas to shed light on Ramsey’s allowance for the immoral behavior of radio host Chris Hogan . . .
  • When Ramsey finally breaks with Hogan, who promoted his ministry, midst known immoral behavior  . . . .
  • When Ramsey was apparently more interested in the coffers than morality — for one, but not another . . . .

. . . . his effectiveness has ended.

Dave Ramsey is becoming more and more “ineffective” — though the “pews” and the coffers may still look full, he and “Financial Peace University” will become just another ministry that will fade away into insignificance.  Like the memory of Bill Gothard and many other ministries and local churches, “Financial Peace University” will become a distant memory because of willful inconsistent leadership!

Most only need to think about the many local churches which are no longer an effective or meaningful influence in and around where we live or minister.  They have become memories of past impact and effectiveness.  Since those days, that ministry has been on a continual slide into insignificance!  Why?  In many, if not most cases, the ministry or church leadership has lost credibility and therefore influence.

Kirk Franklin is next in line!

1. “On Monday, O’Connor’s lawyer asked for several documents, including any information involving Hogan’s violation of Ramsey core values, according to court documents.”

“On Wednesday, Hogan released his apology and left the company [Ramsey Solutions].”

2. The effective ministries and local church pastors, who are a memorial and testimony to long-term credibility, are made up of people such as . . . .

  • Elizabeth Elliot
  • Joni Eareckson Tada,
  • Larry Crabb
  • Chuck Colson
  • Dr. Billy Graham
  • Luis Palau
  • John Von Casper i.e. “Jack” Wyrtzen
  • Dr. John Whitcomb
  • Dr. Lee Roberson
  • Add to that list many small ministries and local church leaders who are warmly remembered because they were effective; they were “without guile” and finished well.

And some of the many others In my sphere of life — “Thank You” for being an example of an effective ministry!  Pastor Dan Gelatte, Pastor Paul Williams, Herman Meister, Pastor Don Shirk, Matthew Kimak, Ron Dunston, et al.

2 thoughts on “The #1 Way To Damage Your Credibility.

  1. I once talked to teenagers at a week long bible camp. It has always been pertinent. 1) Take a walk
    2) Have a talk 3) get right 4) Stay tight 5) Repeat Daily (final rally)
    This is how one does not fall but remains faithful.


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