RZIM: What Is The #1 Legitimate Charge Against Others?


It would be the exception, surely not the rule, that spiritual disasters which happen over time, happen only because of complicity!  Others are involved in what has taken place — ignorantly or knowingly!

There were others complicit in the RZ disgrace — in “The scandal of the century!” 

Yes, the RZ spiritual disaster (to date) far exceeds many, if not all, of even those of the last century! [1] It involves . . . .

  • an individual known across the world
  • an organization that was as unaware
  • an individual and an organization that has dominated Christian apologetics
  • behavior (rape!) that is as morally reprehensible as it gets
  • clear criminally
  • decades of devoted and supportive followers, readers, and givers
  • a process of uncovering, which is also shameful
  • OTHERS, who were in a position of responsibility to “protect the gates!”

The timeline of this scandal establishes the complicity.  It is not that “overnight” this scandal broke, and all and everybody was shaken to the core!  There was not “a day” in 2021 when what was taking place was suddenly uncovered.  That “first day” took place when the first accusations of sexual wrong-doing were asserted years ago.  There was no complicity on that “first day” when all were legitimately taken back by such a suggestion. However, this scandal did not break when the first-out-of-the-blue charge was leveled, but after years of sexual misconduct and then fully after RZ’s death.

No one was complicit when such a possibility was first charged.  However, this situation was on the radar screen and brewing for years, with “inadequate” investigation.    How does RZ immoral behavior continue for such a period of time without adequate investigation, legitimate skeptical distrust, and vigilant functional curious oversight!?

When it comes to wrong-doing and wrong-doers in ministries and/or the local church, “others” are complicit in allowing what is taking place, to take place.  Sometimes that includes other leaders, pastors, board members, deacons, administrators, “co-pastors,” presidents, and key and influential members.  It happens because it is allowed to happen by little-to-no pushback during stages that would have made a difference.  It grows because others “water” seeds with supportive words, misplaced loyalties, mediocre action, the passivity of indifference, [2] and the permission of silence.

“Others,” who were just as complicit and should have already resigned and even closed down the ministry, reflect the same attitudes that undergirded this horrific scandal!  If you need proof of such complicity here it is . . . .

Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 9.56.44 AM

It is shameless to continue to use the logo and the letters RZIM after what has taken place!  They are still complicit in the damage that has taken and is taking place by such a practice.  The complicity is demonstratable by shamelessly allowing RZ’s letters to be even used and/or connected with that organization! 

Close it down! 
Turn over the door sign – “CLOSED.” 
Turn off the lights! 
Shut and lock the door behind you!

Start building the platform over  — from scratch!
And include some “lumber” that also holds other leaders accountable when they are also complicit.

It is when others are reminded and know with surety that they too will be held accountable for whatever they knew, and for what they could and should have known, that the relational dynamics will change.  When other “leaders” are reminded that they are in their position of responsibility to represent God’s people, not to be a hedge of protection for wrong-doing  — that then other leaders will take their role more soberly!

How about . . .



We have closed down
any and all public
operations and business
at this time!

We will no longer be operating
under the name or the corporate entity
that bears any connection with its founder!


No one would make the charge of “corporate or financial conspiracy,” but complicity — Yes!  I think that is an apt description of what takes place far too often in para-church ministries, schools, and local churches. 

P.S. Let’s hope his picture isn’t still part of their public representations!

1. Although I am waiting for another one to break, which is on the back pages of the news.

2. “It’s not my battle.”  “It doesn’t affect me.” “I haven’t done anything wrong.” “I just work here.”  “My job is to be loyal!”

Please Note:  “It doesn’t affect you YET! — It will!  Those around will lose their credibility as well when the crash occurs because they were passively complicit!

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