The Arrogance Of “Weight Loss”

Posted by Robby Gallaty:

“According to his biographer, Ducan Campbell
refused to believe in the religion of anyone
who was too preoccupied to attend a prayer meeting.
The place of prayer was the test of a man’s spiritual life.”

There are those who would like to make one area of Christian life and living the most important. Apparently, Robby Gallaty is one of them!

The Christian life is far more complex than any one area or Christian godly discipline. Those who seek to narrow it down to one area will have to twist the Scriptures to make Christian living the most important. “Shepherds” dishearten the sheep with such nonsense.

We can all pick an area that we are really good at in the Christian life, and exalt it to a singular and primarily place — witnessing, Bible reading, prayer, Bible teaching, discipleship, giving, missions-evangelism, service, faithfulness to church, hospitality, Bible study, morality, self-control, humility, et al.

It reminds me of those who have lost weight. They begin talking and acting as if weight loss is the foremost example of self-control. The more weight lost, the more condescending the words and/or attitudes towards those who struggle.

Some of the “singularly focused” become “Christian snobs!” They see others are inferior, not where they have concluded they ought to be. They overtly and covertly advertise their mastery of an area. At times, their advertisement is not so subtle as they chide others, and thereby imply they have it fully under their belt.

Sadly, such theological ideologues [1] have replaced “progressive sanctification” — The Lord working in individual lives, differently, and over time — with “duplicate sanctification.” You need to make the Chrisitan discipline or conduct, which I think is #1, your #1.

AND Do It NOW! — If you are struggling in an area, especially the specified area, you may not even be a Christian! Progress, struggles, mountains and valleys, dry and rainy seasons are reasons to question your salvation!

Robby Gallaty is one such example! Apparently, “virtue signaling” has moved into the pastoral tweet-o-sphere. Prayer is paramount, but evidently, humility is much further down on the list! [2][3]

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P.S. Jesus got it down to . . . Love God, and Love people! Doing that requires both a wide variety and a good number of actions, attitudes, areas of thinking, changes, and activity!

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  1. “Theological Idealogues” are those who hold to a system of theological thought that regulates how and what they see in Scripture.
  2. Humility:  Check out the “numerous” tweets about his prayer life!
  3. Stay Humble!  Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Year’s day(s) are ahead.  Don’t get too confident that you are as self-controlled as you think or are today!  Many of us cannot even resist a “brownie,” and we think we have our weight under control — Just saying!

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