Too many ministry leaders and/or pastors are aloof from where the flock is in life and living.  They don’t . . . .

  • know their names
  • know their family members
  • know whether they are in or out of the hospital
  • know whether they are in the church service or not
  • take the time to call, talk to, pray with, or understand what is happening in their lives
  • call to congratulate
  • personally talk with or visit someone who is seriously ill and/or dying

. . . . but we are family!

“Appreciate you brother/sister!”
No one believes that any more than what most political figures say these days (on both sides of the aisle)!

Some are in love with theology, preparing messages, a small circle of friends, Bible study, preaching, or reading another theological book — but not with God’s people!

When we seek to fulfill our calling to ministry, but

fail to care for people,
fail to minister to the real needs of God’s people,
fail to know and/or care about what is happening in their lives,

we have already failed our calling.

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