Cloak Rooms

The same passages of Scripture that are rightfully designed to challenge God’s people concerning godly living can also be, and are used to cover wrong-doing!

That is why the Scriptures talk about taking on the clothing of sheep so as to appear biblical.  It appears that one is making a biblical argument, while at that very moment, the Scriptures are being used to cover up or cloke . . . .

  • John 15:22 — “cloke for their sin”
  • I Thessalonians 2:5 — “a cloke of covetousness.”
  • I Peter 2:16 — “liberty for a cloke of maliciousness”
  • Matthew 7:15 — “in sheep’s clothing”
  • Mark 12:38 — “love to go in long clothing”

It is striking when ministries and pastors talk about being loving and kind when they are challenged, criticized, or corrected, while their own behavior was anything but that!  Suddenly, the truths of patience, understanding, love, kindness, and graciousness are raised.

The “newly discovered” passion for such biblical truths are used as a means to quiet the correction and criticism.

Those biblical truths and principles are
for me, not thee!

The righteous and godly Scriptural truths and principles are now used as a cloak to cover fair and legitimate criticism.

Just ask the Lord’s disciples; they saw and heard how effectively it can be used, by saints and sinners — John 12:4-5

Pretty effective — huh?
Who would have guessed?
Great Cover Story!
An Effective Cloak!

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