Extreme Ownership — by Jocko Willink

“All Truth Is God’s Truth.” 

That statement means is that wherever truth is found, it is God who established that truth, law, principle, fact, and reality.

I have said it this way over the years . . . . .

All that is in the Bible is true, but not all that is true is in the Bible.  There are truths you can discover in other ways beyond reading the Bible — not just factual truths, The Sun is 93 million miles from the earth,” but life and living, spiritual, and even ethical truths.

Some wisdom and practical truths come by just looking around —

  • “Consider the ant.”
  • “I looked out my window and saw a young man.”
  • “Wine is a mocker.”
  • “I went by the field of a sluggard.”
  • “Consider the lilies of the field.”

Other truths come through our conscience and an inner sense of morality & ethics.  If there were no commandments against stealing, we would still know that not being paid for our work is wrong.  God has stamped His image on all men and women.  In fact, we are told that the creation reveals a Creator, and atheism is not intuitive!

Likewise, many good and wise truths and principles come to us from outside of the Bible. Sometimes even lost men know those truths. While there is a far faster and less damaging way to know and learn those truths and principles by reading the Bible, men can arrive at many of them. At times, heeding the Bible’s instructions and admonitions would have gotten one to the truth in a far easier and faster way.

There are truths found in books, documentaries, allegories, marital and child-rearing articles, grandparents, and even parents.  Whether or not a Christian, anyone living life may well have tripped across, uncovered, repeated ,and/or restated “God’s Truth” — because all truth is God’s truth!

As I read these quotes from Jocko Willink, a United States Navy SEAL, I thought about the truth found in these principles.

If you are interested in many other interesting, thought-provoking, and valuable “truths,” here is the link to 75 more!

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