“Tell It To The Church,” Is About Transparency


The Presumption of Truth
Correlates With Transparency.
It is
“Tell It To The Church”

which ensures transparency.

As we all recognize, there are different ways to lie . . . . .

√ To make a statement that is factually not true — It does not comport with reality. We do not need many or any examples of that in these final weeks of an election.

√ To misrepresent the details and facts — Technically, it may be true, but it is represented in an inaccurate way. He made that comment, but what was said before or after was purposefully left out because it would fail to support what we are claiming was said. A half-truth is a misrepresentation, though not an entirely untrue statement.

√ To purposefully distort the details and facts — The details and facts of a situation, conversation, or event did happen, but not as stated. It has the sound of truth because many details are included, but not as constructed or stated.[1] Some of the details may even have been omitted — “What they did not tell you was . . . . ”

√ To make nuanced statements — One uses a particular word or phrase, which deceptively makes it true. The purpose and hope of using that word or phrase are to give an impression that is not true. The statement is said in such a way as to imply what is not true. [2]

√ To make a promise, and then not fulfill that promise — Every parent has felt that responsibility. “Dad, you said you were going to take me to . . . on Friday.” [3]

√ To deceive, misdirect, obfuscate — There are ways to deceive, while not outright lying. “Did you break that vase?” Response: “What vase? Was a vase broken?” No one said that they did not break the vase, but they misdirected the questioner. To distract, muddy the waters, or divert attention to something other than what is at issue is to deceive.

Whether it be a blatant misstatement of the facts, distortion, a nuanced statement, misrepresentation, omission of details, obfuscation, diversion, misleading, misdirection, deceiving, or a broken promise, etc . . . . all are included in the meaning of the ninth commandment which is typically stated as — “Thou Shalt Not Lie.” We are called upon to be “truth-tellers” (Ephesians 4:25 and many more!).

“Buy the truth and sell it not.”
— Proverbs 23:23 — 

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