What Are You Talking About!

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“What Are You Talking About?  

Have you ever thought those words when listening to a speaker publicly make a statement about something they apparently don’t see as true in their own lives or ministry situations?

  • “The church is not about trying to attract people by using the world’s means and methods.” — While the musical elements of the services are precisely just such an attempt.
  • “Part of our testimony at ‘the office’ should be reflected by our work ethic.” — While “working hard” is hardly what characterizes the pastoral staff.
  • “We are not here to entertain an audience, but to worship the Lord.” — While entertainment and applause are clearly part and parcel of the worship services.
  • “The children are the future of the church.” — While there is little attention to or investment in the programs involving children.
  • “With many ministries, the teenagers are leaving the church after they graduate from high school.” — While the youth pastor is allowed to do a mediocre-to-poor-to-terrible job (Some, merely waiting for an opportunity to be a lead pastor).
  • “We need to be sharing the Gospel!” — While there are few to no examples of that by the leadership and pastors.
  • “Humility of mind and a willingness to die to self are what marks a true believer.” — While their own actions and words have been anything but an example of humility and selflessness.
  • “We are brothers and sisters in Christ. God’s church is a family!” — While there is little concern whether people stay or leave.

The disconnect is all too real in ministries and local churches.

Then, leaders and pastors lament the lack of attendance and involvement by God’s people, and do not grasp how contradictory, if not insincere, it all comes across.

Then, they challenge and chide God’s people to invite others to church with little understanding of how confusing, if not hypocritical, they sound to those in the pew.

They preach as if they are in compliance with the standard they espouse, while not realizing how disingenuous they sound to those who know otherwise.

No — I’m sorry, but there are reasons that the local church has fallen on hard days. One of those reasons is a woeful lack of self-awareness — a lack of clarity and honesty about what is said versus what is actually and personally done! [1]

Richard Baxter, addressing the colleagues in his day, says . . . 
“It is a sad thing so many
of us preach our hearers to sleep, but it is sadder still if we have studied and preached
ourselves to sleep and have talked so long against hardness of heart till our own hearts
grow hardened over the noise of our own reproofs.”

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1. Yes, every one of us is guilty of not seeing ourselves as clearly and honestly as we should.  We all think that we are better husbands/wives, parents/children, friends, Christians, and workers than we are in fact.  However, all do not stand behind the pulpit or teach the Scriptures — James 3:1

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