The Cost Of Losing The “Pew Tithe”

What Do You See Looking Ahead?

The “Pew Tithe” is one of the most valuable assets to an effective church. While many take note of the “financial tithe” to assess the ministry’s strength, the “Common, Ordinary Folk Tithe” is equally important.

The time and energy that many people contribute to the ministry is no small endeavor.

Anyone who has . . . .

  • headed up a Bible study,
  • played the church piano, organ, or orchestra
  • worked with the youth group weekdays/weekends,
  • served on a church board,
  • sung in the choir,
  • prepared special music,
  • directed the choir,
  • planned & prepared a shower,
  • ministering to families in times of need,
  • done repairs throughout the church,
  • volunteered to cut out, prepare, and/or work on a mailing,
  • engaged in mechanical repairs,
  • been greeters-ushers,
  • special services,
  • work with the audio & visual,
  • served in “AWANA” or the like,
  • worked in the kitchen,
  • taught “Sunday School” / “Junior Church” / “Junior Choir”
  • worked on an all-church presentation,
  • et al.

. . . . know the time and energy involved.

And Yes — there are many who have served in far more than one!

The importance of people who serve in the ministry
is crucial to the effectiveness of the local church ministry. 

In fact, their involvement is even more important than the time and energy because their involvement in ministry is all part and parcel of the supportive underpinning that runs through the woof and weave of the local church fabric.  Any pastor knows that involved people are supportive of the ministry and form the financial backbone through difficult days.

Add to that value, experienced and mature saints,
who have served for years in ministry, yours and others!

Lose those people and lose some of the strength and effectiveness of a local church ministry.  I think of individuals and families who were so important to the operation of the church ministry, especially those “people persons” who made others feel welcome, stepped up to help others in the fellowship, and attracted others to join in an attend and serve.  People come because other people are caring, loving, kind and because others are serving their needs and the interests of their families.

From the beginning and throughout the years of building a strong local church, it takes people to have an impact in a community.  Lose that “Folks Tithe,” and you have lost some of the “relational tithe” that goes into a ministry, and it may be far more than a loss of dollars.  It may be a loss of support, social enjoyment, exhilaration, new membership, and/or the opportunities to do more as a local church – together.

“Social Capital” is built on relationships.  It is a way for a pastor to be in “two many places at the same time” — he with a few, and many others with others!

As has oft been said, and with so many things in life . . . 
You may not appreciate it until you have lost it!

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