We Really Need Some Afghanistanian Pastors To Start Blogging!

I’m sorry, but this is getting to be too much!  I just read a pastoral blog  — and my response was — SAD [1]. Pastors who talk about how hard it is to be in the pastoral ministry are so self-deluded — That is — those who minister in AMERICA!  And, I am speaking about AMERICAN ministry leaders and pastors!

We need some pastoral bloggers who have far more clarity about what ministering in difficult situations and countries really means!  Whatever is difficult, it isn’t anything close to the norm of American ministry life.

You may believe that such a day is coming, but that day has not yet arrived!  If it ever does, it still will be better than those in third-world countries, and/or places that persecute and kill God’s people and pastors for only their faith.  And, the people who will be affected first may well be those who work in the world, those who are outside of the sheltered walls of a ministry and a church.

Such blogs and articles that seek to excite the compassion and sympathies of God’s people for those in ministry need to be unveiled.  Like the tailors of that king’s kingdom, who tried to convince the king and others as to the beauty of the invisible garments they had designed and woven, there are writers who weave a narrative about the stresses and strains of ministry.  Those writers will “always” find a believing audience, primarily composed of many ministry leaders and pastors.

Those writers have woven a narrative that is as unreal as those invisible garments.  It is not only believed by ministry leaders and pastors who have lost perspective.  The writers (and the ministry leaders who buy into the weave) are also seeking to convince others of its reality — primarily trying to convince those who sit in the pews.  The fabric is composed of such threads as . . .

  • Your pastor works hard.
  • They have a very difficult task!
  • You need to encourage them!
  • Make sure you pray for them, above all others!

The role of the sheep and the shepherd has flipped.  Instead of the shepherd carrying the sheep or lamb on his shoulders, we now have the lambs carrying the shepherd — “It will be okay pastor!”  “We love you!”  “Don’t be discouraged, pastor!”

Everyone” works hard!
Most people have a very difficult task, D-A-I-L-Y!
God’s people need encouragement as they walk in this world!
Pray for God’s people who are out there in the real world of temptations, above all others.

Some ministry leaders and pastors need to go out and get a job in this world and . . . .

  • to understand what it means to work in this fallen world
  • to work hard — a long week, many times 6 days
  • to listen to the language and attitudes of a lost world around them
  • to feel the fears of losing one’s job if they speak up, and they really want to speak up
  • to navigate the world of strained relationships at work, because of their faith
  • to lack the financial resources needed to pay all the bills
  • to have but a few weeks off for vacation
  • to have someone controlling their day and schedule
  • to work 40-60 hours, and then work another 10-20 hours at church

Some need to stop singing . . . .

  1. Am I a soldier of the cross,
    A follow’r of the Lamb?
    And shall I fear to own His cause,
    Or blush to speak His name?
  2. Must I be carried to the skies
    On flow’ry beds of ease,
    While others fought to win the prize,
    And sailed through bloody seas?
  3. Are there no foes for me to face?
    Must I not stem the flood?
    Is this vile world a friend to grace,
    To help me on to God?
  4. Sure I must fight if I would reign;
    Increase my courage, Lord;
    I’ll bear the toil, endure the pain,
    Supported by Thy Word.
  5. Thy saints in all this glorious war
    Shall conquer, though they die;
    They see the triumph from afar,
    By faith’s discerning eye.

. . . . . 

1. Someone, please ask some pastors to turn in their Bibles.  Come on — turn it over!  You don’t understand what you repeatedly preach from the pulpit.  Serving Jesus satisfies.  There is about J-O-Y in serving Jesus.  So now, “Turn it over!”

This is one of the far too many examples of pastoral complaining in AMERICA!

. . . . .

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