The Next Test: Again, It Will Be Pass or Fail?

If you were convinced that another crisis was on the horizon, on par with that of 2020 (and 2021), what would you be doing as the leader of a local church?

Surely, you don’t believe that another one is not on the horizon.  The biblical projection of history is far from “better and better every day in every way.”

Might I suggest that . . . .

  • Many, far too many, churches were unprepared for 2020!
  • “Connectivity” (or lack of it) was improperly identified as the antidote and therefore went woefully unaddressed and deficient.
  • The next crisis, as this one, will only accelerate and amplify the direction and projections of Scripture.
  • More people will leave their local church, and only SOME will move to another church when the next crisis hits.
  • More and more sermons will become heavily littered with the political.

AND . . . .

  • Some (too many) will repeat the same failure, the failure to care about the sheep they say they shepherd!
  • Some (too many) will repeat the same failure, the failure to highlight the foundation of our faith, the blessed hope — the coming of Jesus — again — a second time.

    All kingdoms will fail, and the Lord will singularly set up the only kingdom of true righteousness.
    That is an essential biblical truth designed to guide the ship through the roughest of waters.

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