The Pandemic May Be Ending, But This Is Just Beginning!

Let me Date This Post — June 2021
I’m not a prophet, but I did pay attention to what has been happening in 2020-2021
Proverbs 24:30

♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦

It is becoming more and more obvious as you venture out to restaurants, for goods, groceries, building materials, and even attend church, the Pandemic in America is on its last legs.

What is just beginning is the re-building of the local church.  A major sea-change has taken place, and the return of the previous members and friends to this-or-that local church is in serious question!


I believe that it is due to ONE MAJOR FACTOR — the lack of connectivity throughout the pandemic, which was unaddressed — ignorantly or self-servingly — by the pastors of the local church.

The Proof:  Just ask other church and ministry friends if they received a personal call from their Lead/Sr. Pastor.   You may be surprised how few pastors took the time and/or had an interest in the flock’s situations.  Creative engagement in keeping relationships alive and well was absent because of the lack of will!

The Results: Relationships were seen for what they were — personally shallow and hypocritically superficial.  Other pastors and/or the deacons were instructed to reach out, but not the person in the pulpit, who is the voice and the primary leader of the ministry.

The members and friends of local churches realized that they were not really part of a “family” as they were told pre-pandemic.  Far too many Lead / Sr. pastors never made one meaningful attempt to connect with the members and friends of the ministry or local church.   That decision is now going to be realized as attendance becomes the tattletale of this indifference.

The story will not end well for many a ministry or local church . . .

  • Evangelism will be the emphasis, but not because that was a concern for outreach pre-pandemic.
  • New visitors will be more welcomed than ever before, but not out of any more a sincere motive towards them than it was towards those who left.
  • The people who ought to bear the weight are the leaders and shepherds, but it will be the sheep who are blamed!

For many “Pastors,”
“Church” Is About To Radically Change,
and to their unwarranted surprise!

One thought on “The Pandemic May Be Ending, But This Is Just Beginning!

  1. I know of at least one such Church and group of Deacons. I just hope the retirement strategy of this church’s senior pastor, for his sake, has been based on a defined contribution and not a defined benefit. If the attendance is not there, and the mortgage and bills can’t be paid, what is the likelihood that a defined benefit type pension will be any different!


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