Why It’s Time To Dump George Barna!

How many more surveys do we need that lack the clarity and veracity of a legitimate statistical study.  Here is today’s headline from George Baran, director of research at Arizona Christian University.

Generational Worldview Shift: Millennials Seek World without God, Bible, Churches

#1) These so-called studies are about prominence and money.  The proof is found in that when you finally “click down several levels” as you seek to find the support for such studies; you are directed to . . . .

“American Worldview Inventory 2021 — Annual Report” by George Barna

AND . . . . for a Donation of $13.00, you can obtain a copy of the so-called report — rather pricey!  You don’t even want to know how few pages you get for that price!

One could simply provide a link to the pdf for those who would like to first assess what is in the “book” before purchase or a “donation.”  Some indeed may well like a hard copy for themselves or others — Note: “Two copies for $25.00” — save $1.00.

P.S. “A Donation” is a nice way to get around charging and paying taxes and income reporting.

To those who argue  . . . “The research team should get paid for their “work,” I would respond — then it is not a donation, is it!  Like many college and university “professors,” it is what they do and want to do as academics in their field of endeavor.

. . . . . 

#2) There is little to no support provided.  If there is support and/or a legitimate explanation of how the study was conducted, I can’t find it.  “Click” — “Click” — “Click”  . . . . . . When clicking on the various links, you will find that most are out of date [“No results found.” / “Article no longer exists.”] or you are never provided with the information suggested by the link.  There is no study you can refer back to for understanding how the “study” was conducted or how the results were obtained.

. . . . . 

#3) Most studies reveal what is rather conspicuous.  It is rather obvious that culture and society are moving and will continue to move away from Christian truths and principles.  Remember — “Broad is the way.. . . and few there be that find it” . . . . “and in the last days scoffers . . . ”

Who is surprised that — “Extremely Low Percentage of Americans Hold Biblical Worldview: An Interview with George Barna.”  We need research to figure this trend out?

. . . . . 

#4) It is part of a credibility issue.  It is little wonder that the world looks at believers with skepticism.  If what Christians believe and teach as truth is subject to the same intellectual honesty as these kinds of studies, it is time to just walk away!

. . . . . 

It’s time to walk away from George Barna and associates!

Such “research” is just fodder for articles & post titles, the writing, and selling of books,
and the pockets of individuals and universities!

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