FOB: Who Is The Person Responsible For It!


FOB freight. . . . . .

For domestic shipments, there are three key documents to be aware of: the bill of lading, the freight bill, and the Freight On Board (FOB) terms of sale. 

. . . . . .

. . . . . .

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“The acronym FOB, which stands for “Freight On Board,” is a shipping term used in retail to indicate who is responsible for paying transportation charges.

It is the location where ownership of the merchandise transfers from seller to buyer. The seller pays the freight, and the buyer takes the title once it’s been shipped. The buyer pays the transportation costs from the warehouse or vendor to the store.” Link

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One of the most important aspects of FOB terms is that it helps determine which party owns the freight while it is in transit. If the freight is damaged or lost, the insurance policy of the owner is in effect. Thus, it’s important to be clear about the terms and know who is responsible for the shipment at every stage of its journey.  Link

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. . . . . . . 

While there are pastors and preachers who would like to pass off responsibility for the effectiveness of the message, the reality is — They bear the burden!

You’ve heard the excuses . . . . 

  • “I just preach the Word.  It is up to the Holy Spirit to convict and apply it.”
  • “If you don’t like what is said, take it up with the Lord!”
  • “Like Paul, I don’t come with persuasive words.”
  • “Our calling is not to eloquence, but to truth-telling.”
  • “Jonathan Edwards read his sermons to the congregation.”
  • “I’m just the preacher.”
  • “If you are not getting anything from the sermon, maybe it is you!”
  • “People don’t want to hear the truth today.”
  • “It’s not the transmitter — you need to turn your radio on the right frequency!”
  • etc . . . . . . . etc . . . . . . etc. . . . . 

Yes, there is a modicum of truth in those statements, but only a smattering.   

Passing off the responsibility to the listeners, who have voluntarily and repeatedly come to hear the Word of God preached, hardly qualifies them for being rebuked as unwilling or unreceptive listeners.  “Sinners” — Yes — But sinners who deeply want to live for Jesus! “All” — “No” — But most all are in the battle to be more and more like the Lord.

The unwilling or unreceptive
are those who are still “at home in bed” on Sunday morning!  

Those seated before the preacher on a Sunday morning
have chosen to be there,
even after hearing the preacher preach “week after week!”

. . . . . . 

The simple reality is . . . .

√  You are the preacher-teacher!

√  You claim to meet the qualifications of that position, of which one of them is “apt-to-teach.”

√  You claim that you are worthy of attention!  “Above reproach” and/or “blameless” is another biblical qualification, which makes you worthy of the interest, attention, and receptivity of the congregation.

√  You prepared and delivered the message . . . AND you should shoulder the overwhelming responsibility for its effectiveness in the minds, hearts, and lives of God’s people!

√  The hearers didn’t choose the words, the organization of the content, or the presentation’s non-verbal elements. You did!

√  AND . . . . you were given the freedom to set aside secular employment in order to have a significant and meaningful portion of “40 hours” [2] to prepare — AND maybe for only one message a week!

. . . . . . 

Sorry, the sermon is FOB. 

While the “freight” is God’s truth, you are the one who is transporting it! 

The party which has possession of the “freight” in transit, from the study to the pulpit, is you.  If the “freight” is damaged or lost in transit, it is important to know who is responsible for its shipment! 

That would be YOU!

The message is being delivered by you, after having been given hours of “freedom from the secular,” in order to work on how best to transport it most effectively.

The recipients have paid all the charges for its final delivery. 

How it arrives at the “dock” for pickup was determined by your choices.  You decided on the options which were available.  You determined on how to present it, illustrate it, clarify it, say it, and apply it.

The “freight” was given to you, and you must now transfer it to the congregation. They are there to pick it up!  The condition of the “freight” upon their arrival is your liability! 

“Apt To Teach”
“for the edifying of the body of Christ”

Take Responsibility For The Freight’s Delivery!

. . . . . . 

While some preachers-teachers fail to edify the saints (which they have been gifted to do, if indeed they are supposedly called to that position), they continue to occupy those positions of utmost importance.

It is of utmost importance because it affects determines the health of the believers, the ministry of the local church, and those who are lost. Those who are lost but occasionally saunter in to listen to the message — especially during various special events such as Christmas, Easter, a baptism, a child’s dedication, Mother’s Day, etc. [3]

Isn’t it strange that rarely is a preacher-teacher asked to step down from the pulpit ministry because they fail this requirement, the biblical requirement, of “apt to teach? [4]

. . . . . . 

Other Information & Links: 

1. the bill of lading

2. I am assuming (and it is a flawed assumption) that most members of the congregation only work a 40 hour week. They probably work far more and that does not include travel time.

3. I am glad that salvation is based on God’s calling, else some preacher-teachers during this Christmas season would be the ones responsible for the lost who come to listen and hear little-to-nothing that can or will challenge their minds, hearts, and will. Fortunately, the salvation of any individual is not in the hands of men!

4. Let’s get all excited about “Beth Moore” and/or the subject of “women preachers,” because it violates the Scriptural qualifications. However, let’s not address the qualification of effectiveness in preaching. If a preacher-teacher is hard on the listeners, mediocre-to-terrible, fails to grow and develop into an effective biblical communicator, and/or the minds, and the hearts, and the lives of God’s people are not being meaningfully challenged, such preacher-teachers have not been called to the pulpit ministry. They may well have a role in ministry, but not in the preaching-teaching ministry.

Preachers-Teachers have a responsibility to not only what the Bible teachers, but to constantly improve their ability to communicate. That requires more than the study of the Scriptures. Taking time to think through how communication works if foundational to becoming more effective. The alternative is remaining in a “homiletical rut.”

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