They Have No Idea As To What Is Ahead!

Many blogs are addressing the changes that have and are taking place regarding the local church.  Some ministry leaders and pastors may view these highlighted changes as short-term — “This too will pass.”

However, it might be wiser to see what is taking place as more permanent than as passing.  In fact, there may actually be unforeseeable long-term changes ahead, and what is being seen are merely the signs of what is down the road — Proverbs 22:3; 27:12.

More cars are showing up on the left and right of you.  The traffic is beginning to become more dense.  More red brake lights are appearing ahead.  The right lane is now quickly slowing down.  Now, the middle lane.  Now, the fast lane is bunching up.  Yep! — Maybe it’s best to take this exit because it looks like there is a “car parking lot” ahead.  Maybe not?  Too late . . . passed that exit!

And it turns into just that, a “car parking lot!”  

It is like the ones you have seen on the other side of the highway in times past.  As you cruised down your side of the uncongested highway, you came to the place where the traffic on the other side was still flowing.  You may have thought to yourself  . . . .”They have no idea as to what is ahead!” 

Now, that is you!

Welcome to the ministry — 2021.

Don’t fail to plan for what may actually be ahead, because what we are seeing may be the fuzzy outlines of more permanent and radical changes in the local church traffic patterns.

Imagine those seminary graduates who have just begun to assume the pastoral ministry!  They have no grasp of what is ahead!

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